UK Gamblers Abandon Online Casinos For Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Trading

Recent research by YouGov, an international research data and analytics group, into the attitudes and behaviours of online gamblers in the United Kingdom has shown the strong relationship between people that regularly gamble online and those that have bought and will buy in future, decentralised cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. According to the YouGov data, the number […]

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What is a House Edge?

Online casino games have an advantage to the casino (often referred to as the ‘house’) built into their game design. With online casino games, the house edge varies greatly with the game.  Bingo and keno for example can have house edges up to 25-30%, online slot machines will typically have less than 5%, european roulette […]

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What does Responsible Gambling mean?

Responsible gambling is a term used by the government and the gambling industry to increase awareness of harms that can be experienced from gambling too much, including gambling addiction. Gambling addiction awareness is promoted by advertising customer-imposed limits and self-exclusion schemes.  Many banks in the UK now offer their customers the option to block gambling […]

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Casino Sites Advertised on TV

With more online casinos opening up to UK players, it is becoming increasingly important to research which casinos can be trusted. One indicator of the legitimacy of the site is whether they invest in expensive marketing strategies like TV adverts. When it comes to playing online casino games in the United Kingdom, many people like […]

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