The Best Betting Sites For UK Players

Updated: 06 August 2021

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Betting has long been a popular and thrilling form of gambling. With the rise of online casinos, many betting companies have moved online to offer punters the ability to bet on live games via their mobile or laptop.

Take a look at our guide which will help you navigate the world of online betting. We cover how to find a betting site that is reliable and secure, what to expect as a new player, and more! 

Many trusted betting sites nowadays have made the active decision to include online casinos. This allows them to broaden their customer base and grow their brand to different types of customers. These casinos will include classic games such as roulette, slots and blackjack. Providing you with the ability to bet on the latest sports and events without having to transfer money between accounts.


Choosing Your UK Betting Site

Most people will not have ever considered what the best betting sites are for their football or horse racing betting. If you are one of those people who still don’t really understand what they are, then you should know that they can really be a big help.

With this in mind, there are some things that you should look out for when choosing the best betting sites. These can include things like their policies and terms, whether or not they offer bonuses for signing up and the types of bets that they allow.

The best betting sites offer something that a lot of the others don’t – protection. You will find that when you sign up with the best ones, you will be able to get a lot of security measures put in place to help protect your money from being lost and your bankroll from going down too far.

Some of these security measures that these sites will offer include making sure that the information you provide is accurate. Many of them will screen your information, but it is a good idea to ask questions about it with the customer support teams. It is well worth the effort and a good idea for people who may be inexperienced in this area.


Full T&Cs Apply

The other thing that most people will look out for in the best sites is their terms and conditions. These usually tell you how you can use the site and where you can use it, how much money you can put on your account, what the terms of use are and a few other important bits and pieces that may be important to you.

It is always a good idea to read these carefully before you make any decisions. Also, it is a good idea to read the terms and conditions of the other betting sites you sign up with before you use them as well.

A lot of these sites also offer bonuses for new members. This is a good way to get the edge over other people and makes the best sites even more attractive to those who may not have thought about joining a horse racing or football betting site.


Mobile UK Betting Sites List

One of the best things about online betting is the fact that you can place bets just about anywhere. Regardless of where you live you can still make money with online betting. Many sites will let you bet on both English and international events, which means that you won’t even have to travel very far for you to be able to bet on your favourite horses.

While you may not be able to do some things you would do with real-life betting, you can find plenty of other ways to make money with online betting as well. Just a few years ago, online gaming was only done through casinos, but thanks to the internet, many sites are now providing online games with many of the same types of sports that are seen at local bookmakers. For example, tennis, horse racing, soccer and the like.

So take the time to find a site that works well for you and enjoy all that it has to offer. You will find that once you find a reputable one, you will see no end to what you can do with it!


Which Are The Safest And Most Trusted UK Betting Sites?

There are numerous key points to look for when choosing trustworthy betting sites:

A UK Gambling Commission License

All gambling companies operating legally within the United Kingdom must be registered with the Gambling Commission. Part of the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, the organisation comes with a tough reputation for cracking down on those failing to comply with their rules.

Their job is to enforce regulations on both sides of the argument, ensuring that the gambling sites are playing fair. Checking for users ages, using a fair payout rate, whilst also protecting them against rogue players.

There are also other regulatory organisations. Others include both Gibraltar and Malta who, whilst perhaps have somewhat reduced restrictions, are still recognised as industry-leading.

To see whether a site is licensed, look at the bottom of the page. All unlicensed sites should be avoided at all costs.

The safest and most reliable UK betting sites are those which adhere to the strict regulations of the UK Gambling Commission. All forms of online gambling in the UK, including betting sites, are legalised and monitored through this organisation. Look for accreditation from the UKGC, in addition to certificates and positive reviews, on each betting site you choose to play at.

A site is also likely to be trustworthy if it is run by a renowned and established betting business with years of experience in the industry, like William Hill. 


Secure Range of Payment Methods

Ensuring the safety and security of your financial information is the utmost priority at the UK’s best betting sites. According to UKGC regulations, these online bookmaker sites will use encrypted software to keep your financial data and transactions private and secure.

The best sites offer a range of safe payment methods, including direct payments via debit card and online payments through secure systems such as PayPal.

Keep in mind the payment methods available to you when choosing your betting site. Check that the services on offer are reputable i.e. PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, Paysafecard. Ensure that all webpages are https secured, usually visible with a padlock on the web address bar dependent on your browser.


Excellent Customer Service

Always ensure you carry out a full audit of the company’s customer service offered. You never know when it might come in handy.

Key points to look for include a dedicated phone line. This is crucial when you are in need of immediate assistance. A regularly monitored email address is good for when it is necessary to keep a dialogue of conversation between you and your chosen betting site. Live Chat functions can also be useful, as well as an in-depth FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section.

Lastly, a trustworthy site will offer an excellent standard of customer service. Look for the sites that not only offer players a dedicated customer service, with points of contact ranging from online chats to phone calls, but also check for those betting sites that have received positive customer reviews from satisfied players.


Timeouts and Deposit Limits

Always consider what the site has in place to support players for whom their gambling has become a problem. Whilst this may not directly apply to you, it shows a dedication to offering an excellent customer experience and putting people before profit.


What Should I Expect At The Best Online Betting Sites?

A Welcome Bonus Offer (for Betting & Casino)

Almost all betting and casino sites in 2021 offer lucrative welcome and bonus offers to entice you onto their site. Typical examples will be deposit bonuses, free spins and exclusive access to premium games, but can also include extra in-game, virtual cash giveaways among many others.

Choosing a site with an enticing bonus offer can often be a good financial decision, saving you some money in the early stages. Do be aware that these are often subject to specific terms & conditions.

Example limits and t&cs apply would be; a minimum deposit of £10 required, free bets expire after 7 days if unused, min odds bet of evens or 2.0, free bet stakes not returned.


Top and New Betting Sites UK

The top online betting sites will offer new and established players a range of bonuses and promotions to encourage further interaction with the site. New players can expect to receive a range of generous welcome bonuses for signing up to the site which includes various deposit bonuses and free bets after making a qualifying deposit. 

Compare online casinos and their welcome bonus by checking out our full list of reviews on our homepage: casino sites online.


Range of Games (Betting, Slots, Roulette and Live Casino)

Ensure that the site you are looking at has a vast array of different games. It can be time-wasting moving your money around different online casinos to play different games, so pick one that has everything you might need.

Almost all sites will typically have slots, roulette, live casino games and other classics, but others that are slightly more niche may require a bit more research.

The best sites offer players a range of games, which in addition to various bets will include slots, roulette and live casino games for a more complete online betting and gaming experience.

Compare the casino games at the top-rated online sites in the UK: best casino sites.


Market Variety, Range of Sports and Leagues

Decent betting sites will cover a wide range of sports and leagues to offer something for each of their players. These can range from horses to football and cricket to rugby, with new additions constant thanks to an ever-growing market.

Industry-leading betting operators such as Paddy Power, NetBet and MansionBet offer from the Premier League down to the depths of the non-League system. This gives fans of lower league clubs the opportunity to gamble on their own team at perhaps slightly less researched odds.

These sites offer the best in sports and league variety. The most common types of sports on UK betting sites include horse racing or football and the best sites will offer a good range of markets and competitive offers for these popular sports and more.

Top betting sites will also offer a variety of bets for their players. Ranging from standard win bets, handicap and ACCA (accumulator) betting schemes, the best betting sites offer customers the opportunity to try their hand at a variety of betting styles.

Live or in-play betting, in which punters place live bets, is another popular form of betting offered by the best betting sites. Sports streaming has also become a particularly exciting form of betting, with punters able to view embedded sports streams through the betting site and bet on a live game whilst watching. 


The Best Odds and Pricing

Picking a site that offers the best odds and pricing is a no-brainer. Good odds allow you to win more and play longer, giving you a better gambling experience all-round.

The best sites offer competitive pricing and favourable odds for their players. 

Finding the best odds and pricing can be a difficult game owing to them always being very different – though that is where we can step in. Offering you an insight into each’s latest odds, as well as highlighting those that are historically better than others, we can help you make an informed decision that gets you the best odds and pricing.


Promotions, Bonus & Free Bets Offers

Most gambling sites will offer huge promotions on big games – specifically European ties and Premier League matches – to not just entice new users onto their site, but also satisfy those loyal, long-term customers. Have a look through each sites social media channels to see what promotions are being run ahead of the next big fixture, giving you an idea as to whether they will fight to retain your custom.


Types of Betting

Make sure that the site you are looking at offers all types of bets; singles, doubles, triples, and all the way up to accumulators.


Mobile Usability & User Experience

Mobile usability is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most important aspects of modern internet gambling. The most professional and best sites will boast state-of-the-art mobile apps, giving you the ability to play the vast majority of their games while on the go.

User experience is also something that should be considered – does the site run well? Are the virtual buttons responsive? Is the site easy to navigate? Nothing is more frustrating than being forced to log out of a game because the webpage has timed out.

Excellent user experience is a top priority at the best betting sites. The use of top-quality software and systems guarantee user-friendly sites which are easy to use and navigate.

Mobile compatibility is a main feature of the best betting sites, which acknowledge that mobile betting is fast becoming the most popular form of online betting. The top sites will have a dedicated app, compatible with both Android and iOS, and an interface tailored to mobile internet browsers. In addition, the top sites will offer on-demand customer service, with dedicated professionals available to take queries and address issues day or night, ensuring that players have a point of contact any time they encounter an issue with the site.


Streaming and In-play Betting

Some of the best sites will now offer the opportunity to watch your chosen game or race via a stream once a bet has been placed. Be aware that these will often be subject to a minimum stake – some market leaders such as SkyBet, however, will set this as low as £0.05, making it easy for you to follow the action as it happens.

In-play betting is now industry standard and, as such, should be another important factor when choosing a site. In-play betting allows you the opportunity to place down money as the game goes on, allowing you to grasp a feel for how it is playing out before putting your money where your mouth is.


Customer Support

As aforementioned, the best betting sites will always have an all-inclusive customer support system with email, phone, and live chat options all available.


Bonus Features

Many sites will nowadays look to offer their own, unique features that draw users to their site on the basis of such add-ons never having been seen elsewhere. Look out for in-game virtual currencies, regular events and much more to see what sites can offer you.


How To Find The Best Online Betting Sites?


Whilst the government will happily dish out fines for those sites failing to meet standards, they will also hand out prestigious awards to those that are exceeding expectations.

The Global Gaming Awards – typically held late in the calendar year – offer an opportunity for customers new and old to gain an insight into which casinos and gambling companies are best performing and rewarded for their work. Any awards given will be clear to see on each website and show that a site cannot just be trusted but counted upon for a good experience.

Awards and certificates are a reliable way to find a top betting site online. The majority of awards and prizes are given out by independent judging panels which take into consideration all aspects of the betting site – from user experience to customer support, to the range of bets and games on offer. Some awards are also entirely customer-based, with players voting for the site that they think is the best in the industry. 



What is the best betting site?

The best betting site is one that is fully licensed and regulated, that offers generous bonuses and promotions for both new and established players, a range of sports and league games and a variety of betting styles. 

There is certainly no one best betting site – you need to evaluate your own personal needs and then come to an informed decision. Our site is here to help guide you through that process, giving you insightful information on each betting and casino site and what to expect.


Which is the best online betting site in the UK?

Bet365 is the top-rated betting site in the UK according to many, offering players a particularly excellent football betting experience. 

Whilst it is not possible to define the best betting site in the UK, there are some clear market leaders. The likes of Paddy Power, NetBet, MansionBet and Bet365 all come with established, international reputations that demonstrate their professionalism.


How can I bet using my phone?

If a betting site offers a dedicated app, you can download this to use on your mobile device or you can simply access the site through a mobile internet browser. 

The vast majority of sites will nowadays offer mobile gaming, either through a dedicated application (available on your phones store) or via a mobile-friendly site.


What sport is the easiest to bet on?

Football is not only the most popular betting sport in the UK, but it is often regarded as the easiest to win big at. 

Arguably a very subjective question, the easiest sport to bet on is the one you know the most. It is far easier to bet on a game that you understand and can make informed decisions on, leading to you winning more often than not.


Which betting app has the best cash out?

The betting app with the best cash out is one that offers both in-play cash out and partial cash out for players.

Cash-out offers you the opportunity to end your bet mid-way through a game and take the money whilst in a winning position. Typically, more established sites such as SkyBet and Paddy Power will boast the best cash-out facilities, though they will still reap far below what could be won.


How do you read betting odds?

The most common format used in the UK is fractional odds (e.g. 9/1 or 25/1). The first number represents how much a punter can win versus the amount they need to state to win that amount (the second number). 

Odds will, in almost all cases, be given to you as a fraction. To calculate how much would be won, simply multiply your stake by the odds given i.e. £1 x ¼ = 25p profit in the event of success. 

Odds format is given as an option. Use the site settings to change the odds to either fractional or decimal format. Follow the same process above to calculate your potential winnings.


What is the safest online sports betting site?

The safest online sports betting site is one that is fully licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. Look out for UKGC accreditation at the footer of each page of the site.

There is no one safest betting site, but by taking simple precautions you can avoid those more dangerous sites. Keep an eye on established customer support, recognised payment methods and an all-round good reputation with legitimate reviews.

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